Recruiting Assistance

We are committed to supporting our players' dreams to play in college.  With the growth of lacrosse and addition of so many new college teams there is a place for every player who would like to play in college!  This a player driven process, but our coaches, director and recruiting coordinator are here to support and guide you throughout your process.  Our coaches have all either coached at the collegiate level and/or were a student athlete themselves, so they are well versed in the process. Our goal is to help each of our players who is interested in playing in college find a school that is a great fit for them!

We are excited for our players to take advantage of all the recruiting assistance available to them.  Each Black Lax player receives a complimentary Sports Recruits account while they are playing Black Lax.  Both players and parents are able to login to your Sports Recruits accounts.  This a fantastic platform and a great way to communicate with college coaches!

Active members of the club receive:

  • A complimentary Sports Recruits account with access to one free highlight film per calendar year.  Sports Recruits Website: www.sportsrecruits.com
  • Learn more about recruiting information from Sports Recruits!
  • Film from all IWLCA Tournaments.
  • Basic Recruiting Coordinator Assistance (see below)
  • Basic education each season on the recruiting process via zoom meeting based on your grad year.
  • Access to your coach to have him/her answer your questions and advise you on your recruiting process.
  • Recruiting information and guidance shared via email by the recruiting coordinator throughout the season.

Recruiting Coordinator

We are thrilled to have Caitlin Wolf as our recruiting coordinator!  She is such an asset to the club!  She will work with all of the girls and their team coaches to help keep our players on track.  The team coaches will continue to work with their players on recruiting, and Caitlin will be an additional resource to both.  She will work with all players, but there will be a closer focus on the older players, as this is a critical time in their process.  If you feel that you’d like additional assistance from Caitlin beyond the basic recruiting help that is included for all players, you can purchase an additional recruiting package for your daughter.  


Please see below for an outline of the basic included recruiting assistance and the additional individual package.  You can register for the individual package on our website by following the link below. Please note you will need to follow this link, as this service is not available to the general public and is only available to our players who are playing this summer season.

Recruiting Coordinator’s Note

My name is Caitlin Wolf and I am excited to continue as your Black Lax Recruiting Coordinator. A little about me...I am the Associate Head Coach for Marquette University where I am the Offensive Coordinator and Recruiting Coordinator and I am heading into my seventh year there. I played Division I lacrosse at University of Richmond and I am from Long Island, NY originally. I live in Wauwatosa with my husband, Matt and our puppy, Macy.

As I take on this Recruiting Coordinator role, I will be assisting you all in your college search by closely following your Sports Recruits page to make sure you’re using it properly and to your advantage, making sure you have a realistic college list, advising and checking in on your communication with coaches, and most importantly, being a general guide to help you understand every step of the recruiting process. This is a fun and exciting time and while it can be stressful, it’s important to enjoy the process. I am looking forward to helping each of you find the perfect fit for your next chapter!

Caitlin Wolf

Caitlin Wolf Bio: https://gomarquette.com/sports/womens-lacrosse/roster/coaches/caitlin-wolf/1684


Basic Recruiting Coordinator Assistance

The following items are included for all players registered this season:

- Make sure players are keeping up with their Sports Recruits profiles.

- Make sure that the girls have a list of favorite schools on Sports Recruits and that the coaches and RC have coded it red, yellow, green.

- Make sure the girls are emailing colleges consistently throughout the year.

- Basic education of the recruiting process via zoom meeting with grad years & emails to teams.

** Players are encouraged to reach out to the recruiting coordinator for guidance. In the event it gets to the point of regular frequent emails/texts, the player & parents will be notified they're nearing the point of needing to purchase additional individual add-on recruiting package for the season in order to continue that high level of support.


Individual Recruiting Package Add-on

The following items are included in the individual recruiting package for an additional fee:

- Advisement and help with email construction to coaches.

- Organization documents (school interest list, response and interest from schools, consistent outgoing emails)

- Frequent check-ins during busy periods

- Calls with college coaches

- Calls with Black Lax coaches

- 1:1 meeting availability (limited to 1 per season, and 3 per calendar year)


Cost:  $250 per season